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March 06, 2018 Tuesday 04:05:31 PM IST
Teachers and Social Media: Things to Remember

Social media is at the same time a blessing and a curse. While it opens up a vast platform for healthy discussions, catching up of long lost friends, the opinion one expresses there can be so sensitive. One should be very careful about the way he expresses in social media, especially Teachers.

There are instances where the Teachers had to face severe backlash from parents, students,  school management and from general public. Opinions based on religion, cast, sarcasm, racism, the sensitive topic list goes on and on!  These are the things everyone should keep in mind while posting something in social media.

*Think. Write. Pause. Read. Think. Analyse. Post

There is nothing wrong in going through what you have written again and again. read between the lines. Think from several aspects.

*Don't bring Workplace to Social Media:

Classroom jokes,  mistakes of students, remarks about the drawbacks of current education system, whatever be, be moderate and sensible in sharing such sensitive content in Social Media.

* Remember your "Friends":

Your Friends list in Social Media is like a nuclear bomb. It may include your colleagues, Principals, Students, Parents and so many other stakeholders. Think about all of them before posting.

* Be Constructive:

Even in criticism, you can be constructive. Never write anything out of emotion. Remember, Anger is temporary, online is forever.