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January 06, 2021 Wednesday 12:14:27 PM IST

Teach Evolution by Storytelling

Teacher Insights

Storytelling is an effective way to teach evolution to primary school children, according to a study done by the University of Bath. A randomised controlled trial of 2500 primary school students found that storytelling approach was much better than the activity-oriented approach in understanding the topic of evolution. This goes against educational orthodoxy that states that a pupil-centered approach to learning, using human-based examples with which children can easily identify, should yield the best results. Prof Laurence Hurst of Bath University said that these results show that academicians should be careful about preconceptions of teaching methodologies. Studies in teaching other subjects are required to find out the efficacy of storytelling methods, he added. Evolution is an important subject as it forms the foundation for many parts of biology, Yet, many primary school teachers are less confident of teaching it especially those without a science background.