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March 09, 2018 Friday 12:02:34 PM IST

Syllabus Cut: HRD's Call Invites a Debate

Policy Indications

The Ministry of Human Resource Development has announced that they will be reducing the CBSE syllabus by 50%. They have already invited inputs from all stakeholders. Though the general group of educationists agree that a radical change in the Syllabus is the need of the hour, it paves a way for debate too.

The essential reworking on the syllabus need not be shed down, opine a group of Educationists. They point out the Delhi government's move to cut down 25% of the syllabus as a bad example. Some quotes the point that the Government cut down the Constitution lessons from class 8th, as they found it repeating in class 12th. But the problem is that, the Constitution included in Social Science stream of class 12. The Science and Commerce students will not get a chance to learn it.

This way, the shedding down is not going to help all, some fear. On the other hand, some points out that the class 12 science subjects are there in the first year of Science Under Graduate courses.

Analysing both the sides, one thing is clear that the syllabus really needs rework, as the last change was brought in 2005. But, taking away contents without proper study and vision can end up in a mess.

Let's hope that the Ministry of HRD will do a thorough analysis of the suggestions submitted by the stake holders and take appropriate measures.