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November 20, 2021 Saturday 12:11:13 PM IST

Superconductivity to a new Version of Combinations

Science Innovations

The world of superconductivity is at the verge of a great milestone. In recent years, there is a boom of realizing special superconductors that are two-dimensional, or only a few atomic layers thick. Researchers of MIT, Checkelsky and his associates discovered a new quantum material, which manifests the exotic properties of quantum mechanics at a big scale. The newly developed material can be framed to create different patterns of superconductivity within the same sample which was predicted long back but was never a success in experiment. The uses of new material are tremendous! The new material is expected to become an important tool for analysing the unconventional superconductors. This can be useful for new quantum technologies. Designing such technologies shall be difficult till date but the new material can be used to simplify this research as it is easy to be made. 

Structure of the new Material:

The new quantum material can be thought of as the superconducting equivalent of a layer cake, where one layer is an ultrathin film of superconducting material, while the next is an ultrathin spacer layer that protects it. Stacking these layers one atop another results in a large crystal. The research team showed that the designed new material is a finite momentum superconductor upon the application of a magnetic field. 

Due to the discovery of this new material,  scientists shall be able to create different patterns of superconductivity within the same material which is a milestone in study of superconductivity!