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July 09, 2020 Thursday 05:51:49 PM IST

Students as Co-Developers of Content

Teacher Insights

The Covid-19 pandemic should not lockdown the aspiration of our younger generation. My suggestion is that they should take the lead and work with teachers to develop new e-learning content. IT students can help teachers with new tools and applications as they may be more tech-savvy. They can also contribute to create digital content libraries. However, we find that students also develop negative attitude in these uncertain times -completing their course, writing examinations, worried about jobs.

Students should remain positive and use the extended lockdown to learn new skills. It may be as basic as drafting a letter, covering, improving English or other language skills, keep fit with Yoga and other fitness programs. The post Covid era may not provide many job opportunities but new business opportunities that start-ups can capitalise on. Incubation centres should be there in all educational institutions and students can play an active role in fulfilling the demand for certain products and services that are not catered to by existing players in industry. Small success stories in incubation can become caste studies and also further motivation to younger generation to further innovate for the future.
The government, public sector and private educational institutions, industry, think tanks, media, NGO’s need to come to-gather and pool their resources, knowledge and experience, to make the youth competitive in international job market and take India’s development to the next level. The educational aspiration of youth in India should not be left to wait.
Capital Intensive

The transition to online learning is very capital intensive. We need affordable infrastructure of computers, laptops, smart mobile phones, uninterrupted power and charging support and internet connectivity for students, teachers and educational institutions.  We need digital literacy and capability amongst teachers & students, digitized course contents, online distance education knowledge and experience, availability of-Books, e-Journals and other support services. We need reliable online examination modules for each level and stage to develop faith in new pedagogical model. Concerted efforts are required towards developing high quality course contents for online distance education. ·The course content should be designed with specific and measurable learning objectives aligned to authentic real-world experiences.

The students from rural areas, urban slums, geographically difficult terrains, girl children, and children from poor families will be most adversely affected educationally due to paradigm shift from classroom to online distance learning. The primary & secondary education in rural India is primarily through government schools, which suffers from all the handicaps for speedy transition to online distance education.

Prof Dr Divya Tanwar

Chair Person, Divey Foundation, Director, Sanskriti University and Vice President, Indo-American Chamber of SMEs

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16/07/2020 16:49:01 IST
Anonymous : Online learning is one medium which can disrupt the prevailing ELITIST EDUCATION SYSTEM. Anyone from any part of the word can access the best of resources in terms of teaching and library. is an excellent example of this initiative wherein sitting in my home, I can access to best of faculty's in Harvard or Stanford. Actually, it is much more cheaper compared to time and money needed to access the same by travelling all the way to campus. The student aren't displaced from their native place nor do they need to commit 4-5 years of their prime years into it. Actually this pandemic has given a roadmap and would reduce 10-12 years in the total time span for conversion to online learning.