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April 04, 2018 Wednesday 03:38:43 PM IST

Stay Aligned to Your Intentions!

Leadership Instincts

To be a leader, you need to have an amazing art of problem solving. Intuition, gut feeling, all play their role while taking up a decision. While approaching a problem, you need to set the intentions first. Right intention and the right alignment can help you a lot in tackling any hostile situation.

If you have to approach a person to solve an issue, make sure that you are not going to point fingers. Blame game will never solve any issue. Remind yourself that you are there to work out the problem together. Whether the other person is out of alignment or having hidden intentions, should not be your botheration, as your set intention is clear.

Before approaching a problem, think consciously about what outcome you want. Adjust your attitude or check yourself so that you aren’t sarcastic, defensive or putting up walls. A good leader should always practice the kind of conversation that creates bridges versus barriers.

Stop being prejudiced. It is never going to solve any issue. Do not generelise those who have a different opinion than you as your haters. Always try to be curious. Only a curious mind will search for solutions.

How you conclude a conversation also matters. Instead of jumping to a conclusion, take a breath and ask a good question. Whether it is to yourself, or to another person or to a group, practice these skills religiously.

(Source: Scoop whoop)