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July 06, 2019 Saturday 05:54:03 PM IST

Stanford Univ Develops Regent, a New Programming Language for Supercomputers

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Stanford University has developed a new computer program named Regent which is considered ideal of the much complex supercomputers of today. 
According to Alex Aiken, The Alcatel-Lucent Professor in Communications and Networking, the C++ addresses the requirements of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and it has been in vogue for past 40 years.CPU solves problems in a serial fashion while the second type of microprocessor GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) uses parallel processing method. GPU was first used to control pixels on computer screens to improve the visuals of video games. Parallel processing is extremely useful for machine processing. 
The Regent's programming code is compiled to machine level language by Legion which was also developed by Alex Aiken. The use of Regent, Legion combination saves money and time for programmers. 
It is too early to say whether Regent will be used by programmers as they have to overcome inertia to try a different type of programming, according to Aiken.