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September 22, 2018 Saturday 02:58:23 PM IST
Special Mercy Chance examination 2018



It is hereby notified that a special mercy chance examination 2018 will be conducted as detailed below, for UG, PG & Professional Courses as per U.O. No. 816/ EA II/2/211/2018, dated 01.02.2018 based on the resolution of the Syndicate, considering the decision of the Adalath Executive Committee held on 08.12.2017.

Name of the course                                                                                 Year of Admission

Model I BA/B.Sc./B.Com Regular                                                        1998 – 2008

BA/B.Com Private                                                                                      1998- 2011

Other U.G Cours                                                

(Except B.Sc. Nursing & B.Tech)                                      2000 Admission onwards


MA/M.Sc./M.Com                                                                      Regular Study,2001 – 2011

                                                                                                        Private Study, 2004 – 2013

 Other PG Courses                                                                2000 Admission onwards

B.Ed                                                                                             2003 Admission onwards

LLB                                                                                               1994 Admission onwards

M.Tech                                                                                         2009 Admission onwards

M.Ed                                                                                              2002 Admission onwards


The last date for the receipt of applications in the University office without fine is 25.10.2018, with a fine of `50/- is 29.10.2018 and with a superfine of Rs.500/- is 31.10.2018. The candidates shall remit a sum of `5,000/(-Rupees Five Thousand only) as a special fee in addition to the prescribed examination fee and CV camp fee. Separate applications shall be furnished foreach semester and candidates shall furnish a copy of the e-receipt regarding the remittance of fees along with each application.

 Candidates shall enclose copies of mark lists along with each application.

The new application form (uploaded exclusively for Special Mercy Chance Exam 2018)can be downloaded from the official website of the University. Candidates shall remit the fees through The last dates stipulated above are not only for the remittance of examination fee, but also for the receipt of applications in the University Office. Applications received after the last date will be summarily rejected. The date of commencement of examinations will be announced later.

Applications shall be submitted/sent directly to the following Officers.

BA/B.Sc.                                             - Assistant Registrar IV (Exams)

B.                                                          - Assistant Registrar X (Exams)

MA/ M.Com                                       - Assistant Registrar IX (Exams)

M.Sc.                                                    -Assistant Registrar VIII (Exams)

B.Ed, M.Ed                                         - Assistant Registrar VIII (Exams)

M.Tech.                                               - Assistant Registrar XVI (Exams)

LLB                                                      - Assistant Registrar XXII (Exams)

MBA                                                    - Assistant Registrar XII (Exams)

Paramedical                                       - Assistant Registrar VI (Exams)


                                                                                                      Dr. M. THOMAS JOHN

                                                                                                 Controller of Examinations


1. The Principals of colleges

2. PRO for a Press Release/Enquiry/CETEX/Content Management Section (for necessary action)

3. PS to VC/PVC

4. JRs /DRs/ARs (Exams)

5. PA to CE/C.E’s sn/CT&D sn/EN I/II/III/V/Front Office

6. EB Sections/Tabulation Sections concerned /Ac. C/ Ac.A V/EK/ CT & D Sns

7. Exam Store/Exam Tappal

8. SF/FC

                                                                                                                                                        Approved for Is