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March 23, 2018 Friday 03:14:46 PM IST

Some Tips to new Parents: Let the Kid have a Dream

Parent Interventions

What should he/ she be, when grows up? Which career would be ideal? These are the questions which can be a constant worry for every parent. Even though the sea of opportunities is more spread now, than at the time of the parents, they worry that the chances to reach the height  have come down too.

One good thing about the new parents is that they are not limited to the so called white collar jobs. They want their kid to be in a career that best suits his/her skill and talents. Yes, they do encourage the kids to dream big!

Here are some ways the parents can adopt to help the child figure out what he really wants.

Introduce the child to the theory of 'Big Dreamers':

Teach them to think differently and uniquely.  . The concept of 'big dreamers' should be ingrained in them at an early age so that they should not be deterred by anything. Motivate them to have a free spirit.

Encourage to pursue the dream:

If your child has an aim, encourage constantly to motivate him/ her. No matter how big the dream may, discouraging the child might end up with the kid being afraid of the unknown and letting go of the lively spirit of life.

Give way for holistic development:

You will never know where the talent lies. Be open to chances. Give your child maximum exposure to everything you can. Every art, every sport, every hobby! Let them try and find out what makes them more happy and satisfied.

Yes, Ask Google for help!

In order to identify the passion, dreams, and creativity of their kids, parents should be able to analyze their kids without being judgmental. It definitely comes as a challenge. To over such challenge, millennial parents should explore structured aptitude assessments that include expert guidance and can be used to understand the cognitive skills and capabilities of their kids. Different online tools are there to detect the talent of your kid. Read the reviews before trying out and go for only one or two. 

Be Wise:

Be aware of the child's plan and keep updating yourself about it. Search for aids, scholarships etc which may come handy. Also, do not spoon feed. Let the child come up with ideas too.

(Source: The Times of India)