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January 04, 2021 Monday 04:53:44 PM IST

SELFIE- an Innovative Entrepreneurial Learning Program for Students

National Edu News

Rajagiri Media has launched a new innovative programme titled Pallikkutam SELFIE to enable entrepreneurial learning among children through home-based learning activities. As part of the launch programme, Pallikkutam i-School Training the Trainer Programme was held on 03 January 2020 via Zoom. Dr. JT Verghese, Chairman of STEAG Energy Services India Ltd inaugurated the event.

“Covid-19 has detached the divide between home and school. Hence, Pallikkutam SELFIE is an initiative that has come at the right moment where we have to get the whole family involved in children’s learning process”, said Dr. Verghese during his inaugural address. He called the project ambitious and unique as it will train children from KG classes to develop entrepreneurial skills. Also, he expressed optimism that such learning would become interesting and useful and, would be highly appreciated by millions of households in India. Dr. Verghese appreciated all the volunteers who have come forward to contribute their knowledge and expertise in the project.

Dr. Varghese Panthalookaran, Director of Rajagiri Media delivered the keynote address during the event. “Our goal is to change the home learning ecosystem into exciting and remarkable events. SELFIE is an acronym for Smart & Sustainable Entrepreneurial Learning Events for Families in India & Elsewhere, which is based on a Pedagogy of the GenNext, the Pallikkutam Pedagogy. We call it a mission as we have identified our role to play in supporting home-based learning. We are making the learning events for free for all households and schools in India. In the present scenario, the objective of education should be to enable entrepreneurial success among students. Our learning events will be designed with this purpose.”

Philsy Wilson, project manager at Rajagiri Media delivered the introductory address. Nicy Mathew, project manager at Rajagiri Media made a short presentation on the SELFIE project followed by a Question and Answer session for the project volunteers.

Pallikkutam SELFIE is a project from Pallikkutam i-School which will be supported by the efforts of volunteers from all over India.