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October 28, 2020 Wednesday 03:42:48 PM IST

Scientastic 2020

Teacher Insights

Scientastic 2020, the programme for EPFL’s annual science fair will be held the weekend of 7–8 November. It contains a rich variety of topics, but in a more condensed format. Only a limited number of tickets will be available, but the talks and demonstrations will be streamed live for those unable to attend. The 2020 edition of EPFL’s Scientastic fair will feature all the highlights of years past: creative workshops for kids, expert talks to challenge you, a “How does it work?” exhibition to enlighten you, and lab demonstrations to wow you. This year’s main theme is the environment, which will be explored in ways that comply with all the latest public-health regulations.

Those public-health regulations include having no more than 300 people (attendees plus organizers) at the venue at any one time. Visits will therefore be grouped into six 3-hour slots over the weekend. Each of the six slots will include workshops for kids (13 and under), an expert talk (for visitors aged 14 and over), the “How does it work?” exhibition, and a chemistry or physics demonstration. The public will also be able to discover two artworks by Etienne Krähenbühl who will be present to explain his work. Pathways will be laid out to guide visitors through the event and keep the groups separate, and all surfaces will be disinfected after each group finishes.

Details about the program – including age groups, time slots and the speakers’ topics – are available on the Scientastic website: https://www.epfl.ch/campus/events/fr/evenements/evenements-publics/scientastic/.

(Content and Image Courtesy: https://actu.epfl.ch/news/get-ready-for-a-different-scientastic-in-2020/)