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September 05, 2018 Wednesday 10:45:48 AM IST

Ready for an exoplanet trip?!

Science Innovations

Are you tired of living on Earth? If yes, shall we go for a trip to an exoplanet? As per a new study by Dora Klindzic and Mateo Kruljac at the University of Zagreb in Croatia, it would be possibility very soon! They have shown that human beings can migrate to other planets and live comfortably, provided the upper limit of gravity on that planet meets certain limiting value.

What makes a person to walk on Earth? Apart from muscular movements and brain co-ordination, it is the gravity on Earth, which helps us to walk glued to earth. What would happen if Earth had a bit less or more gravity? You may not be able to walk over earth as you do it today.

In a similar way, there exists an optimum value of gravity for every other planet. With some simple mathematical calculations, the Croatian scientists have shown that the upper limit of gravity on exoplanets may allow you to walk on those planets. Now it is time to develop technologies for interstellar space travel!

Source: https://physicsworld.com/a/humans-can-withstand-stronger-gravity-found-on-distant-exoplanets-say-physicists/