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June 03, 2019 Monday 01:29:14 PM IST

Rajagiri MUN: Future Leaders Find Solutions Through Dialogue

Best Practices

By Binny Verghese
Rapid growth towards integration of technology with every aspect of life has reduced the literary skills in a student which in turn reflects the lack or over exuberant nature of communication skills, a person may portray.  The Z Generation parents either are totally tied up with their professional growth or are totally involved with the academic growth (parents’ perception) of their child that they are totally blind to the actual potential that their ward possess. 

As of today, it is necessary for a student to opine on any issue at hand which in turn gives them the opportunity to establish their thoughts irrespective of whether they are right or wrong. Right or wrong as the case may be, has a very thin line of divide which becomes blurred with discussions and deliberations. Gone are the days, when students are supposed to follow verbatim to what the teachers or elders may thrust upon them. They should be made (if not already) to state for themselves, their views on any aspect, that affects them as social beings. What better way than to help and guide them, to engage in fruitful, proactive and thought-provoking discussions giving rise to innovative solutions rather than groom a set of individuals who grow hot under the collar for every issue at hand.

The verbal mode of communication between family members or team members have come down to a bare minimum with the growth of technology and there is more of monologues rather than dialogues taking place giving rise to dictums being laid out by an aggressive individual, blindly followed by a group of passive individuals. Therefore, there are possibilities of a student growing up with fascistic ideologies rather than liberalistic ones where one’s thoughts should be allowed to spiral upwards catching the stars in the sky. To provide students the platform to exercise such rights, Rajagiri Public School, Kalamassery conducts Model United Nations (MUN)Programmes where students from Std VI to Std XII, are encouraged to participate, and voice their opinion on various global issues. They debate, discuss and deliberate freely with each other for two to three days, know each other’s stance on the issue, iron out the differences in the viewpoints by providing well thought out innovative and logical solutions which may not be found in any book. They should be able to convince the others to take on the proposed solutions not through power but by dialogues that work both ways. During the period of deliberations, they chalk out various strategies, to resolve the multiple issues relating to a topic, draft out a resolution after drawing to a consensus from all involved parties and finally pass the resolution after each point in it has been thoroughly looked into from all aspects. Drafting a resolution is a skill that each MUN student must develop over a period of time. It requires to be written in exemplary English language without any grammatical error.  MUN programmes are moderated by the senior students of the school, thus developing the leadership skills in a child. They also help out in training the new comers with the nuances of MUN. Teacher involvement in the conduct of MUN is a bare minimum, thus giving the students the space to develop and perform without being self-conscious of their performance.

Students participating in Model United Nation Programmes, turn out more confident to face any adverse situation, have a higher self -esteem and have no inhibition in exhibiting their view point. They are well equipped in knowledge and deliver their points with conviction. Their writing and oral skills are highly magnified.  They are all empowered to take on the world when they step out, from the portals of the institution. They develop a poise that exudes confidence, courage and high self esteem and would not hesitate to look into the eye to establish their view point with ease. It is quite fair to say that Model United Nations Programmes promotes inclusiveness and help redefine the standard pedagogical way of teaching – learning methodologies.

Binny Verghese

Binny Verghese, a Faculty Member of Computer Science Department of Rajagiri Public School, Kalamassery having a teaching experience of 23 years, holds an MSc in Information Technology (IT) and PGDCA. She has undergone training for Model United Nations Programme at United Nations Headquarters, New York. She has trained students to participate in National and International Model United Nations Programme and Debates.

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14/06/2019 15:36:13 IST
Subha Sarath : Very well written Ma’am. Your students stand testimony to every word you have written here. I have been a lucky parent to have witnessed the MUN induced transformation that my Son underwent. Yes I reiterate ‘MUN induced’, because every child comes with an above average potential, but to harness it and make it productive you need an effective machinery. MUN platforms provide exactly this. Are you the kind of parent who wishes to see your child competent enough to take up responsibilities and execute them with the grace and perfection of a professional , a parent who’s desired for her child to take on any stage and give excellent speeches drawing from the vast well of knowledge inherent to well read people ,make well informed decisions ? Then MUN is my solution to you. The exposure that these platforms give to our kids is unfathomable. It’s like your child gets to interact with the whole world capsuled into the size of a conference room.
13/06/2019 19:30:26 IST
Adithya: At an MUN it is never really about public speaking skills but one's intellectual and social abilities. It's about taking the right decision, at the right time. Innovation is a big factor in the modern world but there are limits and problems faced by the policy makers in introducing revolutionary pathways, but at an MUN conference the sky is the limit. There is a chance for formulating policies that would foster peace, enhance global unity and minimize ambivalence. All this isnt a walk in the the park, instead it's a walk you do, by stepping in to someone else's shoes. Thoughts need to be streamlined according to foreign policy and national interest of country one represents, however villainous the actions of the allocation may seem. Ideas need to be sold, handing you an edge over the others. Finally it's about rising above the others not by domination but as the vox populi.
06/06/2019 10:49:51 IST
Anna Joby : Students are huge repositories of theortical knowledge often bound by the classroom walls. MUNs are an excellent platform that enables experiential learning of geo politics and diplomacy. It develops strong communication skill, thereby enhancing a student's capacity and performance. The article provides insightful knowledge on the topic, has a persuasive tone and an impressive writing style.
05/06/2019 17:50:26 IST
K.M.Zachariah: Wow! A very well related and informative article by Binny Verghese demonstrating her dominance on the subject! It must be a 'feather in the cap'for Rajagiri Public School to have inducted this programme into their curriculum shielding the prime schooling years of their students. I really wonder if there is a possibility for Binny to work closely with other institutions as well to promote this noble cause. Every parent would love to see and support their wards fortified with the right "knowledge, conviction and readiness to take on challenges as they step out !" Binny Verghese, thanks for raising the awareness and 'hats off' to the school for it's consent to induce and promote such development programmes. All the best and keep up the good work! Please forgive me for any inadvertent errors or ommisions as I AM NOT A ROBOT!!
03/06/2019 20:43:41 IST
Rumni Mukherjee: Beautifully written
03/06/2019 20:27:17 IST
Prakash Alex: Very well written article by Ms. Binny Verghese. Her command over the English language is exemplary. The article brings to the fore the efforts taken by the Rajagiri Public School in nurturing the students and making them stand out among the masses and the brains of tomorrow through the MUN programme. I wish Ms. Binny Verghese and her team "All the Best" in their mission of bringing forth highly confident and successful students.