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May 02, 2018 Wednesday 02:07:28 PM IST

Public Speaking is not Just for the Extroverts!

Leadership Instincts

It is always a challenge for the teachers and parents to make the shy kids address a group. Adapting an impromptu speech session will help in this scenario. A teacher can try this out in a classroom. A parent may give it a try within the family itself. The whole point is to make the child comfortable and make sure that he faces his phobia.

This micro- speech sessions can be done by selecting random topics. It can vary from 'the movie the kid watched' or 'how safe is the cyber world' or anything that the child can think about.

Make them write the Main idea, explanation, example and take away (MEET). All these can be of single sentences. The teacher/ parent can show example first. In the house, let all the members participate, regardless of their age or role. Let the child write the matter and help him/ her if asked.

Next stage is for the speech session. Let the confident ones speak first. make sure that everybody claps at the end of each speaker's session.

In class, this can be tried in groups too. The group can nominate one person to address the whole class. This speaker role can be done on rotation. 

Even the shy, introvert kid will get an opportunity to know that public speaking is not that scary as he/she might be fearing.

Will these techniques help the shy child?