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May 03, 2018 Thursday 12:43:40 PM IST

Prepare them for a Healthier, Less Violent Relationships

Parent Interventions

Parents do influence their kids in so many ways. A recent study suggests that the way parents take care of their own relationship with each other can influence the way the child may build relationship in future. Parents given to warm and nurturing attitudes may hand down better “strategies for building and maintaining positive relationships to their kids, setting them up for healthier, less violent romantic relationships as young adults”, according to researchers at Penn State University. 

They found that when adolescents reported an affirmative and positive family atmosphere without harsh judgement or punishments, they went on to have better relationships, better problem-solving skills, and less violent or traumatic romantic relationships as young adults. 

The study gives insights into how early family relationships can have lasting effects on young adult romantic relationships. The family relationship is the first intimate relationship in one's life. People tend to apply what they learn from that, in their later relationships. It’s also where one may learn how to constructively communicate when they have a disagreement. Those are the skills one learn from the family and will apply in later relationships.