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July 07, 2018 Saturday 04:14:34 PM IST
Parenting factors!

Why parents behave differently?

Parent is a term commonly used for a father or a mother - biological or non-biological. The role appears to be coequal - bring up children in the right way as good human beings, nourishing and fostering. Nevertheless, the behaviour and attitudes of different parents vary and fluctuate in many ways. Differences in humans will be reflected in parenting also.

Factors influencing the behaviour of parents

1. Socialisation experiences

Every individual incorporates into her or his life, the norms and culture of the social organisation which s/he belongs to. It is essential to adapt to it for living and performing as a member of that society, family and group. This process of internalizing values happens through teaching and  observations and is referred to as socialisation.   

A person's childhood experiences of socialisation vary according to contexts such as culture, place, community, family. The observed and experienced practices of child rearing and transfer of ethics and codes will be reused by the individual in his or her parenthood.

2. Individual familial practices

Families influence children's development and character the most. Each parent comes from different families with a variety of open and hidden practices related to social, religious, political affinities and, economic and social disparities.

Compliance with family traditions become a norm for  generations which will be reflected in the bringing up of children also.

3. Individual's personalities

Personality of an individual refers to the characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.  Individual differences in these aspects cause distinctions in the nature and identity of parents also.  

Their perspectives on educating children an supporting their growth are diverse and may deviate from one another.


4. Personality of the child

Personality of a child can be understood as a combination of genetic, psychological, and motivational factors as well as many social components.

With the passage of generations, variations in the genetic codes, cognitive and emotional elements, and impetuses that depart considerably from that of the parent reflect in the personality of the child.   This comes as a factor that affects the parenting process.

5. Parent's cultural background  

Culture is a collective manifestation of ideas, art, life styles, customs and social behaviour. Culture is not universal, but diverse with many peculiarities and differences.  

Cultural experiences and practices of father and mother influence and impact their parenting behavour.


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