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January 17, 2020 Friday 10:55:41 AM IST

Panasonic's Tempered Vacuum Insulated Glass

Science Innovations

Panasonic Corporation has announced the development of tempered vacuum insulated glass and another vacuum insulated glass with transparent pillars for use in automatic door systems, refrigerator and freezer show cases and windows of public facilities, exhibition showcases aquariums and office buildings. The tempered vacuum insulated glass will be released in the first half of the next fiscal year that starts in April 2020.Vacuum insulated glass is manufactured by vacuum-sealing two sheets of glass with vacuum sealing material melted at high temperature, while tempered glass generally drops in strength when it is heated at high temperature. Panasonic newly developed its proprietary "Super-low-temperature sealing material" and consequently achieved the sealing of tempered glass in a temperature zone in which it does not drop in strength. The technology capable of manufacturing both the float and the tempered vacuum insulated glass is Panasonic's proprietary technology.