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February 04, 2021 Thursday 02:12:44 PM IST

Oxford Instruments Asylum Research joins MIT.nano Consortium

International Edu News

MIT.nano has announced that Oxford Instruments Asylum Research, a company that manufactures and supplies atomic force microscopy (AFM) instruments for academic research and industrial R&D, has joined the MIT.nano Consortium. Asylum Research, one of seven businesses comprising the Oxford Instruments Group, designs tools for characterizing samples from both materials and bioscience research. In addition to imaging, their equipment has quantitative measurement capabilities for nanoelectrical, nanomechanical, and electromechanical characterization.

Two Asylum Research AFM microscopes — the Cypher VRS video-rate AFM and the Jupiter XR large-sample AFM — have been added to the tool set in MIT.nano’s characterization facility. The Cypher VRS, offering high-resolution video-rate imaging up to 625 lines per second, will allow researchers to measure nanoscale dynamic processes at video frame rates. The Jupiter XR, a large-sample AFM provided to MIT as part of the membership agreement, will provide both high-speed imaging and extended range in a single scanner. An Asylum Research visiting scientist embedded at MIT.nano will support research activities, including use of these microscopes, as well as collaborate with MIT researchers.

In MIT.nano’s quarterly industry consortium meetings, Asylum Research will provide advice alongside 12 other consortium companies to help guide and advance nanoscale innovations at MIT:

    Analog Devices
    Lam Research
    Waters Corporation

MIT.nano continues to welcome new companies as sustaining members. For more details, visit the MIT.nano Consortium page.