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October 22, 2020 Thursday 01:22:52 PM IST

Online learning ergonomics: Keep your child engaged and strain-free

Parent Interventions

Sarah Mozzochi, PT, DPT, is a registered and licensed Physical Therapist, Linnea Quist, OTR/L, is a registered and licensed Occupational Therapist and Katherine Williamson, OTR/L, ACAS, a registered and licensed Occupational Therapist lists out online learning ergonomics dos and don’ts for your children.

Online learning ergonomics dos:

1. Create a designated area for learning. 

2. Use the 90-90-90 rule when setting up your child’s desk. There should be 90-degree angles at your child’s ankles, knees and hips when they’re sitting at their desk. 

3. Position your child’s laptop so the screen is at eye level. 

4. Allow your child to work in a variety of positions. 

5. Schedule frequent breaks throughout the day. 

6. Use timers or smart speakers to let everyone know when its break time or learning/work time.

7. Offer your kids healthy snacks that will keep them alert. 

8. Create a sensory toolbox and keep it near your child’s laptop. 

9. Keep a water bottle in your child’s workspace. H

10. Create a morning routine and stick to it. 

Online learning ergonomics don’ts:

1. Don’t put your child’s workspace in a room where there are lots of people or distractions.

2. Don’t let your child keep tons of snacks in their learning area.

3. Don’t let your child use the TV, phone, tablet or any other device during school.

4. Don’t let your child drink caffeine.

(Content Courtesy: https://riseandshine.childrensnational.org/online-learning-ergonomics/)