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July 12, 2021 Monday 01:49:45 PM IST

Nikon NIKKOR Z MC 105 MM Lens

Technology Inceptions

Nikon has launched a new microlens, NIKKOR Z MC 105 mmf/2.8 VR S to its portfolio. It is capable of life-size shooting capable of outstanding optical performance and superior resolution from close-up to infinity. It is ideal for shooting flora, fauna, food, product or landscape. It also adopts a multi-focus system with a new auto-focus (AF) drive system for increased optical performance which enables fast and accurate focusing, even with close-up shooting, allowing users to enjoy a stress-free shooting experience. Among its other features is minimal lens operation sound, focus limit switch that allows users to limit the AF search range between 0.29 mm to 0.5 m and weighs 630 gm geared for rugged use. The large maximum aperture allows users to dramatically emphasise the primary subject with a shallow depth of field, creating a large and smooth background broken while keeping the main subject in sharp focus. Price -Rs 89,995.