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July 08, 2020 Wednesday 10:17:04 AM IST

New Urine Test on Threatened Miscarriage

Parent Interventions

Scientists at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore has developed a urine test that can gauge pregnancy outcomes for women with signs of threatened miscarriage. Clinicians don’t have a way of predicting the risk of women coming with symptoms of miscarriage in a non-invasive manner. Conventional serum progesterone test is time consuming while the new tests uses an innovative surface-enhancing Raman scattering (SERS) chip that requires a droplet of urine to screen for urine molecules associated with miscarriage risk. In a case-control study of 40 pregnant women who attended the Urgent O&G Centre at KKH with symptoms of threatened miscarriage, the test retrospectively identified accurately the pregnancy outcomes of all participants.