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July 19, 2021 Monday 12:13:15 PM IST

New Technique to Treat ADHD

Parent Interventions

A new technique called ‘neurofeedback’ which enables Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) patients to train their attention, based on instant feedback from the level of their brain activity has been developed by scientists at the University of Geneva. This helps in treating ADHD without medication. ADHD develops in childhood and leads to numerous difficulties with attention, concentration and impulsiveness. The patient’s EEG is connected to a computer that displays the image of a space shuttle. When the patient is in an attentive brain state (low Alpha rhythm), this makes the space shuttle move forward. But as soon as the patient is distracted or loses attention (high Alpha rhythm), this stops the space-shuttle movement instantly. Faced with the stopping of the space shuttle, the patient realizes that he/she was no longer paying attention and refocuses to restart the shuttle.