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December 04, 2020 Friday 12:15:40 PM IST

New Campus of National Institute of Naturopathy in Pune to be named 'Nisarg Gram

The new campus of National Institue of Naturopathy (NIN) coming up 15 km from the present 'Nisarg Upchar' asharm in Uruli Kanchan Village near Pune will be named 'Nisarg Gram.

NIN, Pune, an Autonomous Body under the Ministry of AYUSH is the inheritor of a unique Gandhian heritage, having been developed out of a Nature Cure institution of which the Mahatma was one of the founders. The institution was called All India Nature Cure Foundation and was set up under Gandhi Ji’s leadership in 1945 at the same premises where the NIN presently functions. It was subsequently taken over by the Central Government and structured into the present National Institute of Naturopathy. As NIN is in the process of setting up an additional and larger campus at Nisarg Gram, the Ministry of AYUSH is taking all possible efforts to ensure that this campus is empowered to carry forward NIN’s unique legacy into the future. To start with, the new institute’s curricula will be prepared in the light of National Education Policy, 2020.  The curricula will be rationalised to bring about qualitative, pedagogical understanding of Naturopathy and allied disciplines at the UG and PG level.

Bachelors and Masters courses in Naturopathy and allied disciplines will be the focal programmes at Nisarg Gram. NIN is analysing the courses currently offered in Naturopathy in India and abroad with the objective of overhauling the curriculum with inputs from modern scientific advances on the one side, and Gandhian thought relating to health on the other. Consequently, the proposed Bachelors and Masters courses will not be just regular academic activities but will involve multi-faceted exposure to different streams of knowledge with an array ofGeneric Electives, Skill Enhancement Courses and Ability Enhancement Courses to choose from. These courses will be in consonance with the current healthcare demands and will conform to modern scientific standards.

The proposed Doctoral programs in Naturopathy at Nisarg Gram will be the first of its kind and will further strengthen the Naturopathy and Yoga education in the country.With students, teachers and patients all staying in the same campus, the pedagogy will see elements of the Gurukul model being introduced into medical teaching. Imbibing nature will be integral to learning at Nisarg Gram, and the ambience of the campus will be designed in that perspective.