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March 14, 2018 Wednesday 11:05:47 AM IST

Never Ask "What's in a Name": Name Matters!

Teacher Insights

Knowing the students name is not as easy as it sounds. Teachers, especially those who are in the field for years, might have come across thousands of students and remembering all their names is impossible. But, studies prove that the student feel more connected with the teacher and the course if the teacher knows his name.

Calling a student by his name, gives the student the trust that the instructor knows him. That gives him the confidence that he can approach the instructor if needed. When the student knows that the teacher does not know his name, he feels disconnected, unimportant, often unnoticed.

It is also important for the students to know the names of each others. Group studies and assignments will be more smooth, if the students know each other a bit. It is always ideal to start teaching a new batch with giving an option for them to understand each other.

Most teachers opine that they use to have a 'self introduction' session on the very first class, where the students will get an opportunity to introduce themselves. 

Following some tips and regular practice to remember the names of the students will always be fruitful for the teachers.