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October 04, 2021 Monday 01:46:18 PM IST

Nano Learning: Information in Pellets to Help in Online Learning

In the era of Covid-19 the concept of E-learning gained its prominence. Research studies show that this reduced the span of attention among students by making them screen fatigue. This made the learners difficult in imbibing lengthy concepts. We can offer a solution of 'Nano- learning’. This process is done by giving the learner ‘right information as a pellet’. Here, the idea which is required for the learner is brought as a nutshell before the class and is conveyed precisely. Teachers need to make sure the clear state learning objective and it is transacted to the learner as a nutshell. The idea is to make the learner positive towards the new knowledge and to feed it at the right juncture. Teachers need to be certain that the idea delivered to the learner is in its simplified form without any room for bias or confusion.