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June 21, 2018 Thursday 12:19:55 PM IST

Multi-Pronged Reforms Needed In Higher Education: Shashi Tharoor

Policy Indications

Thiruvananthapuram: MP Sashi Tharoor called for multi-pronged reforms in higher education, to save it from its isolation with industries, innovation and excellence. He was giving a public lecture in the University of Kerala, under the auspices of Kerala University Teachers Organisation and Kerala University Staff Union. 

Dr. Tharoor, with the help of various data such as enrolment, innovation, and employability, pointed out that we are miles away from world class universities. 

He also argued the case of opening doors to foreign universities to start campuses in Kerala. 

He bemoaned the politicisation of universities and raised the specific case of quality assurance council in University of Kerala which has shut its doors to teachers who were not members of pro-government teachers organisation. He said that such steps are retrograde in regards to the forward march to educational excellence.

He remarked that Thiruvananthapuram is greatly advantaged by high density of research institutions like RGCB, CDAC, NIIST, IISER and IIST and said a research eco-system can be built over them. 

He pointed out some of the schemes launched during his stint as HRD minister in the UPA government. 

He remarked that the report on University-Industry interaction by industry colossus like Narayana Moorthy (of Infosys) is gathering dust under the NDA regime and hoped that it will be given  due consideration.

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