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May 11, 2018 Friday 09:59:58 AM IST

Mothers, Teach these 6 Lessons !

Parent Interventions

Parents are the best teachers. The values and habits that a child learns from the parents, will be the base for their future character development. Parents sometimes will have to consciously take an effort for this. Here are some of the key points which the parent can teach the child.

1. Believe in Yourself, always:

In the world of competition, it is very difficult to go forward unless and until yu believe in yourself. Accepting your strength and flaws and learning how to tackle both is the key towards a healthy life.

2.Be Independent:

Micro families tend to be child centered. Parents pamper them to the dreadful extend that the children grow up like parasites. In the world out there, they will have to do things for their own, sometimes for others too. Teach them to be self dependant and teach them to be a person whom others can rely on.

3.Give and Take:

In today's time, it's better to follow the rule of give and take when it came to respect. You need not to be respectful to that person who treats you like a doormat. Today, if somebody dares to misbehave with you, you should know how to give it back.

4.Give back to Society:

If we are fortunate enough to have a job and afford a decent lifestyle, we must not forget those less fortunate people in our society who struggle to make ends meet.

5. Good and Bad Touch:

This is something every mother teaches her kid—the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touching. We, as a society, are yet to reach a stage where there are no longer any cases of molestation, harassment and rape. teach the child that she/ he owns her/his body. Whether it’s just a hug, kiss or holding someone’s hand, one has the right to say no. You should inspire the child to speak up (in fact, shout and report to police) fearlessly when anybody dared to even touch him/her without consent.

6. Live your Present:

There is no point in mourning about the past and worrying too much about the future. What matters is your present. Make the most out of the opportunities you have in your hand, and be hopeful for a beautiful future. We begin to complicate our lives the moment we start anticipating about unforeseen things.

(Indebted to various sources)