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May 28, 2019 Tuesday 05:49:43 PM IST

More Academic, Extra-Curricular Engagement Helps College Students Attain Success

Leadership Instincts

The more a college student engaged in academic and extra-curricular activities, the better will be his or her career success, according to a new research.
The research done by Irina Shcheglova,Yulia Koreshnikova and Olga Parshina among 3,300 bachelors students found that those who involved more in extra-curricular activities along with studies and research developed better analytical skills. Participation in student organisations, clubs, competitions and group activities help in making contact with professional communities. Critical thinking skills are also improved in such students This results in better self-esteem teak work, satisfaction with student life and better initial career earnings.

Better critical thinking, analytical skills and self-esteem are highly valued by potential employers and such students go on to perform well in their careers.
Source: https://vo.hse.ru/data/2019/04/09/1176080263/10%20Shcheglova.pdf

Photo courtesy: Pham Trung Kien, Pixabay.com