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February 14, 2020 Friday 11:37:37 AM IST

Monash University announces new campus in Indonesia

Education Information

Monash University has been granted approval by the Government of Indonesia to establish the first foreign university campus in Indonesia. Based in Jakarta, Monash Indonesia will be a postgraduate campus, offering Master and PhD degrees, as well as executive programs and micro-credentials. It will be research-intensive and industry engaged and operate with the full support of both the Indonesian and Australian governments.

The establishment of Monash Indonesia represents an important deepening of the bilateral relationship between Australia and Indonesia, with long-term benefits for both countries in areas of education, research and industry collaboration.  In particular, it will facilitate the two-way flow of students and scholars, and innovative ideas and technology. Monash Indonesia will make a strong and distinctive contribution to Indonesia’s social, economic and technological development.  It will bring expertise in areas of high demand, including: data science and digital technology, infrastructure and urban planning, creative industry and entrepreneurship and health systems and public health.

In establishing this campus, the University is continuing its commitment to being a truly global university. This new Monash campus joins a dynamic network alongside the highly successful Monash University Malaysia, as well as our partnered campuses in Suzhou with SouthEast University and Mumbai with the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.

Monash Indonesia will begin short executive programs later this year and plans the first intake of Masters students for quarter four 2021. Students of Monash Indonesia will be awarded a Monash University degree and there will be opportunities for cross-campus collaboration for research purposes and mobility in education.

(Content Courtesy: https://www.monash.edu/news/articles/monash-university-announces-new-campus-in-indonesia)