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May 22, 2018 Tuesday 03:02:57 PM IST

MBBS Students 'Must Know'

Policy Indications

New Delhi: The new curriculum for the MBBS student will it mandatory for students to clear ‘must-know’ tests in all semesters. It will include mental and sexual health, medico-legal issues, behaviour, etc. The new curriculum will ensure that students will get practical training from the first year itself.
The new curriculum suppose to bring in radical changes, which will replace the decades-old existing module. The new module, Competency-based Integrated Curriculum for Under Graduate Medical Education, will be implemented from 2019-20.
The new syllabus draws many points from the guidelines laid down by the World Federation for Medical Education and has been prepared by the Medical Council of India’s academic council.
“The new curriculum has been approved in principle by the oversight committee of and will be notified very soon. The aim is to help produce doctors much more patient-friendly, competitive, ethical and abreast with the latest in the medical sciences,” a senior health ministry official told The New Indian Express.
“The new course also gives much more emphasis on skills and will have competency-based tests. The students will be provided with early clinical exposure right from the first year of the 4.5 years course plus internship.”
“A significant number of qualified MBBS doctors are not practicing until they have achieved higher qualifications. We want to change that as it will help address acute shortage of doctors." The official added.
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What is your take on the renewed curriculum for MBBS students?