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November 09, 2021 Tuesday 12:15:08 PM IST

Math and Philosophy can be Twinned for better Decision making!

An MIT student, Reyes Sanchez majoring in mathematics and philosophy, has found it easy to solve problems and take decisions by involving ethics and rationality. Reyes Sanchez is an active mentor and advocate for MIT students. She learned to appreciate consistency, which is how she fell in love with math. Her second crave was for philosophy were she found was much broader. she learned both the subjects in her school days with much eager and enthusiasm. Reyes went to MIT were they offered degrees in both the disciplines. She sees that the two disciplines intersect in many ways which enable man to think of different possibilities in solving a problem and in taking decisions. Reyes Sanchez is a member of the Council for Math Majors (COMM). Her role in the organization is to work for the present student perspectives to faculty and administration in the math department. This example could be modeled for better insights and solving problems by interdisciplinary approach.