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July 27, 2019 Saturday 12:20:25 PM IST

Make Work Meaningful Than Search for Happiness

Photo by Werner Heiber,

It is futile for employees to look for happiness in work and better to make their job more meaningful, according to researchers at Harvard. Happiness is a fleeting state and not a permanent one but those who focus on meaning in their professional and personal lives will get more satisfaction, according to Emily Esfahani Smith, author of the study.
A survey was conducted among 12,000 employees and 50% couldn't find any meaning or signifance in what they were doing. Those who could find meaning were found to have 1.7 times more satisfaction, 1.4 times more engaged and quite likely to remain in the current job.Another study cited by the author shows that nine out of 10 people will be willing to swap a percentage of their life time earnings for more meaningful work