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July 07, 2020 Tuesday 06:40:24 PM IST

Lockdown Increases Child Obesity

Parent Interventions

Lockdowns implemented across the world has deprived children of sleep and physical activity. This coupled with poor dietary practices have led to increase in obesity in children, according to a study by University Buffalo research. It was found that children ate an additional meal per day, slept an extra hour and increased time spent in front of digital devices such as smart phone, computer and television screens. A dramatic increase was seen in consumption of red meat, sugary drinks and junk foods while vegetable consumption remained the same. Physical activity was reduced by more than two hours per week.According to Myles Faith, PhD, an expert in obesity, children and adults gain more weight during summer vacations. School environments provide structure and routine around mealtimes, physical activity and sleep. These are the three predominant lifestyle factors influencing obesity.Parents should be encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle for themselves and children to avoid adverse health impact later on.