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February 17, 2020 Monday 04:14:58 PM IST

Learning Sciences by Simulated Flying

Best Practices

Schools are thinking of introducing newer and newer methodologies to make learning easier for students, whether it is history, science, geography or the languages. The basic concepts and theories in science can be better understood through an aviation game played through simulators. The Lake Mount Global Public School in Irumpanam in Kochi has already started such a programme for its class VI to X students.

The students are provided short notes on various science topics and made to fly the plane using simulators. Simultaneously they are told of the important concepts they learnt in the notes and made to answer questions related to it. This gives them a perspective on science and engineering concepts that no text book or video can fully provide. "The system enables easier teaching of Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, IT and Geography in an aviation simulated environment. It makes the learning of science enjoyable and fun-filled for students," said Maya Jagan, Principal of Lake mount School. It was developed by a professional team of experts and help teachers with an additional tool to teach and support students with conceptual clarity.