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March 05, 2018 Monday 04:23:55 PM IST
Leadership and Age: The Misconceptions

Often young leaders find it difficult to ascertain to their team that age and experience do not matter much when it comes to one's leadership skills. Though it is obvious that experience pays off well, that doesn't mean that a new and young leader is less compatible than the other.

" One of the most significant hurdles young leaders and managers face, before they even get the trust of those they are leading, is gaining the respect of the team."- writes Forbes.

The way to exercise this way of thought in the team, is not an easy task. Here are some of the tips that the leader can practice.

1. Learn them all:

Understand each and every member of your team. Their strengths, weaknesses, talents, interests, blocks, everything. Learn about your firm. Not just the present, but its history too.

2.Do not pretend:

Be wise and admit what you do not know. There is nothing wrong in admitting that you don't know. But remember, once you admit, it is your responsibility to make sure that you learn it.

3. Make your weakness your strength:

Being new in the company, being younger than other team mates gives you the opportunity to think differently. Those who are a part of the company for long will be accustomed to thinking in the same line. But you can bring in the change.

4. Give chance to others:

Give others a say. They may have better ideas than you. Invite those ideas, appreciate and accept id feasible. But, do not think  that they bring you easy solutions all the time. It's just the process of widening the scope of the perspective. Not outsourcing the problem.

Practice these, and on a long shot, you will get the trust of your team mate. Always keep in mind that pretending to be "the perfect, knows everything" kind of boss will not bring you any enhancement.