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June 07, 2018 Thursday 04:08:05 PM IST

Kerala CM Urges State Varsities to Wake Up from Slumber

Policy Indications

Thiruvananthapuram: Chief-minister Pinarayi Vijayan has asked vice chancellors of various universities in the state to adumbrate a plan to improve the academic quality of varsities, on par with the national institutions, in two years.

He was addressing a meeting of university vice chancellors, organised as part of the second anniversary of LDF government, here early this week. CM urged the vice chancellors to take up the call for quality improvement as a challenge. "In two years, our universities should find a place among top 10 universities in the country. In the next step, efforts should be to catapult our varsities into the list of important international universities. Within in the country, Kerala leads in several important spheres, including education. But, we should earnestly introspect to see where we stand in higher education sector", he said.

"Excellence in research work is a prime criteria in assessing the quality of a university. But, unfortunately, our universities fail to focus on that...Future belongs to knowledge economy. We should be able to rise to the occasion", he said.

Chief Minister wanted the vice chancellors to take steps to end several uncertainties plaguing higher education sector. Examinations should be conducted on time and results should also be published on time. To improve the academic quality, universities should explore the possibility of collaboration with foreign universities. "Teaching and research activates should be modernised. Syllabus should also be revised accordingly. The government would set up innovation classes and incubation centres for the promotion of new ideas", he said.

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