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May 30, 2018 Wednesday 03:38:02 PM IST

Keeping Asthmatic Kids Out Of The Hospital

Paediatric asthma, affecting more than 7 million children in the US alone, is the most common non-surgical diagnosis for paediatric hospital admission, costing up to $570 million annually. However, care for these young patients has improved in a big way during the last few decades, which led the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to put together guidelines on paediatric asthma in 1990. 

But surprisingly, overall morbidity — measured by attack rates, paediatric emergency department visits, or hospitalizations — has not decreased over the last decade. “We know how to effectively

treat paediatric asthma,” says Dr. Kavita Parikh, a paediatric hospitalist at Children’s National Health System. “There’s been a huge investment in terms of quality improvements that’s reflected in how many papers there are about this topic in the literature.”

Dr. Parikh says, however, most of these papers focus little on inpatient discharge, a vulnerable time for

patients, for nearly 40% of children return through the emergency department within a year.

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