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October 24, 2018 Wednesday 10:28:20 AM IST

iOS 12.1 to Bring Fix for 'Beauty-Gate' on iPhone XS and iPhone XR

Technology Inceptions

Apple has confirmed that the upcoming iOS 12.1 software update will improve selfie quality on the iPhone XS ₹ 88,997 and iPhone XR ₹ 76,900. The update essentially aims to eliminate the “beautygate” issue that was smoothening the skin in selfie shots for certain users on both of these handsets. The Smart HDR feature, introduced with the latest iPhone models, is said to have been the culprit behind the smoothening issue. The technology had been reportedly choosing the wrong base frame for HDR processing when a selfie is taken.

A report by The Verge claims that instead of choosing a frame that has short shutter speed, Smart HDR on the iPhone XS and iPhone XR sometimes chooses a frame with longer speed. This is combined with the lack of OIS in the front camera, with the loss of detail resembling the “beautification” mode seen on certain Android smartphones. Apple confirmed to The Verge that the bug will be fixed in the upcoming iOS version.

iOS 12.1 will pick the sharpest base frame for the “HDR merge” in selfie shots, the report adds. iOS 12.1 is currently in public beta, and the stable version might be released in the following weeks.

iPhone XS, iPhone XR price in India, availability

The iPhone XS price in India starts at Rs. 99,900 for the 64GB storage variant, Rs. 1,14,900 for the 256GB storage model, and Rs. 1,34,900 for the 512GB storage variant. The iPhone XS Max ₹ 98,800, on the other hand, comes in at Rs. 1,09,900 for the 64GB variant, Rs. 1,24,900 for the 256GB model, and Rs. 1,44,900 for the top-end 512GB model. Both phones are currently available in India across Apple's online and offline retail partners, in Space Grey, Silver, and Gold colour options.

The iPhone XR price in India starts at Rs. 76,900 for the 64GB storage variant, Rs. 81,900 for the 128GB storage model, and Rs. 91,900 for the 256GB storage variant. Pre-orders for the iPhone XR in India began on October 19, and the phone will be released offline and online starting October 26. Colour options include Black, Blue, Coral, PRODUCT (RED), White, and Yellow.