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April 02, 2018 Monday 04:49:49 PM IST

Introverts can be the Better Leaders!

Leadership Instincts

Introverts are good listeners. They listen and think more than they talk. These are the good qualities of a leader too. Being an introvert does not prevent you from being a good leader.

Here are some tips for the introverts to be better leaders:

1. Listen, think and talk:

This comes as default. Just practice it more.  A good leader should listen and think before taking any action.

2. Step up during crisis:

A crisis can be an opportunity for the introvert to step up and offer help.

3. Step out of the comfort zone:

Being an introvert, it is natural that you will be happily sitting on the back chair, as a listener. Push yourself a bit and step out of the comfort zone.

4. Use your world:

Introverts have the quality to sit alone, think and analyse things calmly. Use that daily and get a good grip over the happenings.

5. Scribble:

Introverts are better in writing than speaking. Scribble down whatever ideas that comes your mind, before speaking. These notes will help you when you speak.

(Source: lifehack.org)