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February 06, 2020 Thursday 10:47:22 AM IST

Inclusion of 5 IIITs under the IIIT (public-private partnership) Act, 2017

National Edu News

Union Cabinet has approved the inclusion of the Indian Institute of Information Technology (established under public-private partnership mode) situated at Surat, Bhopal, Bhagalpur, Agartala, and Raichur under the IIIT (public-private partnership) Act, 2017 in New Delhi this week. Incorporation thereof under the IIIT Act, 2017 will give them legal standing as well as the authority to exercise powers and functions available to other similar IIITs under the Act. This will entitle them to use the nomenclature of Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) or Master of Technology (M. Tech) of Ph.D. degree as issued by a University or Institution of National Importance. It will enable these institutes to attract enough students required to develop a strong research base in the country in the field of Information Technology.

Union Minister for Human Resource and Development Ramesh Pokhriyal 'Nishank', expressed his gratitude to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for facilitating the approval. He said that this step will enable these institutions to boost Information & Technology related education in the country.

Out of these, IIIT at Bhopal, Surat, and Bhagalpur have started their academic session from 2017-18, Agartala in 2018-19 and Raichur in 2019-20 only. At present, the number of students who will get benefitted from this amendment are about 1600. However, these institutions are at the nascent stage only and after having full strength in the future, this will benefit as many as about 5000 students.

Indian Institute of Information & Technology is envisaged to promote higher education and research in the field of Information Technology. The establishment of the Indian Institute of Information Technology in public-private partnership mode is a unique feature of the Government of India where the contribution to the capital cost is also being borne by Industry Partner and State Government apart from the Central Government.