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March 20, 2018 Tuesday 04:18:50 PM IST

In Doubt? Have a Vision!

Leadership Instincts

You may be a good leader in managing a team. But how good are you in leading your own life and career to the right goal, through the right path? Studies prove that having a clear vision helps you choose what you really want to do with your life.

Having a clear clear-cut vision, however, doesn't mean that it is cast in stone. The vision can evolve and it should. But the important thing being one should have it.

Earning a bonus or scoring certain marks in your test papers do not constitute a ‘vision’.  Where you wanna wish to see yourself in the long run is your vision.

A visIon is often nebulous. So just write it down, look at it every day, rework it if necessary. The idea is to act on it persistently. 

For the others, let’s first figure out what your vision is. There would be some people around you, whom you admire. There could be aspects  of their life and achievements  that are  worth copying/emulating. Or perhaps you realize you need to come up with your own unique ideas.

Analyse your work history and personal life too. Identify what made you happy when you had a good flow or when you created something you were proud of. Note down what was good about those projects. What aspects worked for you? Try to figure out how  you can use those as starting points. This isn't just to replicate them but to explore  what might they lead to.

Think about your passions and start writing them down. What work have you done that has made your heart beat faster? What work do you wish  you had done, or who do you wish you could be working with? What job or projects do you think would make you happy in a year or two from now?

You should refine your vision statement until it makes sense for you. This one is just for you; it won’t look like anyone else’s. So be truthful and shed all inhibitions. A good, clear vision statement can prevent you from heading down the wrong path and being led up the wrong ladder to a dead end.