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September 24, 2021 Friday 04:35:54 PM IST

IITH Incubated startup VaccineonWheels Help in Covid-19 Vaccination in Telengana

Centre for Healthcare Entrepreneurship, IITHyderabad’s incubated startup, VaccineOnWheels  introduced India’s 1st Doctor-based Mobile Vaccination Clinic in 2019, in association with IITH, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and CfHE. With the vision to reduce inequality and increase immunization penetration, VaccineOnWheels takes vaccination facility near to the community, giving higher convenience while ensuring access to all economic strata.

The contribution of VaccineOnWheels in India’s COVID-19 Immunization drive is commendable. VaccineOnWheels in association with Rotary Club of Pune Centra, NGOs & CSR partners have administered more than 2 Lac doses of COVID- vaccination to the underprivileged in partnership with the Government of Maharashtra, NGOs & CSR Partners, under this unique PPP (Public Private Partnership), vaccination is being administered free of cost for beneficiaries wherein vaccines provided by Government and vaccination is administered by VaccinOnWheels by reaching the unreached with the help of their Doctor based Mobile Vaccination Clinic.

 Recently, VaccineOnWheels has partnered with the Government of Telangana to support the state’s COVID-19 Immunization drive with 50 Mobile Vaccination Clinics to vaccinate 1 million+ marginalized population by reaching the unreached.

 Congratulating the team on this novel partnership with the Telangana Government, Prof B Murty, Director IIT Hyderabad, added, "The innovative & first of its kind approach by VaccineOnWheels to vaccinate India’s unreached population is need of the hour for both COVID-19 & Non-COVID-19 vaccination. VaccineOnWheels and team have already saved more than 2 Lac lives and will indeed save millions in the coming months. This innovation & partnership has demonstrated IITH’s calibre to serve the healthcare sector and thereby society at large."

Relishing this partnership with the Telangana Government, Jignesh Patel, Founder & CEO of VaccineOnWheels said, "With the incubation support of CfHE & IIT Hyderabad, we have got an opportunity to serve the society’s most vulnerable population. In our drive to immunize marginalized population, many Corporates & NGO partners have come forward to support India’s COVID-19 Immunization drive. Our PPP model will enable stakeholder collaboration across industries under CSR, government, and NGOs to share a commitment in making available vaccination services even at grassroot levels. The organization aims to immunize over 1 million Indians in a span of next 6 months.”

Rotary Club of Pune Central (RCPC) has come forward and supported VaccineOnWheels to associate with CSR partners, other Rotary Clubs along with other NGOs, and individual donors. President of RCPC – Amitabha Mukhopadhyay, said, “Getting vaccines to people who do not have adequate access is the need of the hour. Rotary has played a very active role in the Polio vaccination drive for a long time. It is proud a moment for RCPC & VaccineOnWheels as our association helped more than 2 lac marginalized population get vaccinated within Maharashtra. Jointly with our corporate donors and other Rotary Clubs, the RCPC will continue to support VaccineOnWheels in this very important and urgent endeavour in taking vaccination services within Telangana state & other states in the country.”

A Video Abstract: https://youtu.be/q5Aj6bqfM50