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January 24, 2020 Friday 11:26:42 AM IST

IIM Indore and TikToK to collaborate on Digital India Mission

National Edu News

IIM Indore and TikTok have signed a MoU to jointly lead an India wide conversation and dialogue series together with the faculty and students on responsible leadership and how to make policy work better for people. The focus of the partnership will remain on creating high quality first of a kind education module for top B school students, mid-career senior management professionals, government officers, smart city CEOs, bureaucrats, family owned businesses and entrepreneurs to prepare them for management challenges of the future and digital disruption.

IIM Indore and TikTok will host joint trainings and workshops on sharing good practices on using the Internet safely and productively along with hackathons for government departments, law enforcements agencies, and government scheme executing partners. In a one of its kind partnership to promote better governance solutions for citizens, capacity building of government departments, digital well-being, spread awareness on the impact of short form video story telling in marketing and business management, negotiation, enhancing job creation, and skilling, the Indian Institute of Management Indore has come together with TikTok for a long term sustainable impact led partnership.

TikTok will also collaborate with IIM Indore to support in furthering the Digital India mission of a fully connected and empowered India through digital literacy workshops, capacity building and organise several hackathons across states with an aim to engage the youth to come up with a tech or non-tech solutions and address better e-delivery and good governance solutions.