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March 25, 2020 Wednesday 11:02:17 AM IST

How People Perceive Government Measures to Contain Covid-19?

Alexey Hulsov for Pixabay.com

The Winton Centre at University of Cambridge has done a small sample study of peoples' perception of government measures to contain the Corona virus spread. The responses were obtained from UK, USA, Australia, Mexico, Spain, Germany and Italy. Large number of respondents felt that government measures are not firm enough while percentage of people worried over pandemic was high across the nations, but large percentage felt they had understood the strategies of government to contain the virus. They also believed in the ability of scientific and medical advisors to take the best measures while trust in WHO recommendations and information was seen to be high.

"The Winton Centre will be doing much more analysis on the data over the coming weeks, and we hope to run it in a couple more, contrasting countries, as well as surveying the UK several times over a few months."