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March 26, 2018 Monday 02:26:58 PM IST

How about Gifting a Touch Screen Game for your Dog?

Technology Inceptions

Dogs, man's best friends and the four legged loyal companions, is often seen inactive and cuddly on a sofa in its later part of life. A recent study  to bring more activity and energy in the old dogs  reveal that regular brain training and lifelong learning can help a lot in slowing down the mental deterioration of  dogs in old age. But it is not as easy as training the younger ones.

At the end of the test they conducted in lab with old Dogs, Cognitive Biologists found that the Dogs are positively responding to educational touch screen games!

The experiment was conducted by the researchers in Vetmeduni Vienna (University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna,  which is the world's third school for veterinary medicine). As the Dogs responded positively, now the team is buckling up to develop educational games like 'Sudoku' for them!

As per the researchers, simple mental tasks on the computer, combined with a reward system, can replace physically demanding training and still keep the animals mentally fit even in old age. 

Why the dogs forget things in the old age, which they learned once is still not clear. The Scientists are of the opinion that it could be because of the reduced power of recollection or the lack of training. he research team hopes that this study will not only motivate technicians and software developers, but also interested dog owners, to consider future cooperation.

(Source: Research published in vetmeduni)