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January 14, 2020 Tuesday 12:23:27 PM IST

Harvard Medical School launches HMXPro

Technology Inceptions

Harvard Medical School has announced HMX Pro, a new series of online courses designed for working professionals in health care and in the life sciences that will cover advances in fields like genetics, immunology and pharmacology. HMX launched its initial online programs, HMX Fundamentals, in 2015.

“While delivering HMX courses to learners around the world, we’ve seen significant interest from professionals in a variety of roles who want to enhance their understanding of medical science to take on new challenges,” said Michael Parker, associate dean for online learning at HMS and faculty director of HMX.

The initial courses cover key topics that are transforming health care, including cancer genomics and immuno-oncology.

“Advances in genetics and immunology have significantly changed cancer diagnosis and treatment,” said Parker. “Anyone whose work intersects with cancer needs to understand the science driving these cutting-edge applications.”