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May 18, 2018 Friday 02:55:25 PM IST

FSSAI Regulations for Canteen Employees

Education Information

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has set clear instructions for those who work in school canteens. Though the circular was sent to all the schools, most of them fail to follow the instructions.

The detailed instruction explains what all are to be taken care of. Here are the important instructions:

*Canteen Staff must be trained in the good hygiene practices, before hiring.

*Good practices of personal hygiene must be followed e.g. daily bath, hand sanitation

and the protective uniform (including hair cover, gloves, shoes) etc.

*Canteen staff must maintain a high degree of personal cleanliness, trimmed nails, (where

appropriate) wear suitable protective clothing, head covering.

*In-case of cuts and wounds, canteen staff may be permitted to continue working, with

suitable cover / waterproof dressings. 

*Canteen staff must wash their hands with soap where personal cleanliness may affect

food safety.

*Personnel known, or believed, to be suffering from, or to be a carrier of a disease or

illness likely to be transmitted through food, shall not be allowed to enter into any food

handling area.

*Arrangements shall be made to get the canteen operators/food handlers in school canteens

to be medically examined regularly to ensure that they are free from any infectious,

contagious and other communicable diseases

*People engaged in food handling activities should refrain from behavior which could

result in contamination of food, for example: Smoking; spitting; Chewing or eating or sneezing or coughing over unprotected food and Putting fingers on hair, nose, mouth during cooking or serving food.

*Personal effects such as jewelry, watches, pins or other items should not be worn or

brought into food handling areas

(Source: FSSAI guidelines)

Do you think that the school canteens are following the government guidelines strictly?