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April 13, 2021 Tuesday 05:48:15 PM IST

Fitness Challenge for the Nation - 70th RRT Conference Intl. on 16th April

National Edu News

The 70th Rajagiri Round Table Conference International on the theme - Fitness Challenge for the Nation - will be held via Zoom on Friday, the 16th of April 2021, from 6 PM to 8 PM.

India can reap its rich demographic dividend only when its citizens are educated, healthy and skilled. Health can be attained by nutritious food, quality medical care and most importantly physical fitness.  The nation needs to reverse the trend of rising graph of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and also excel in sports. NCD’s causes 41 million deaths globally every year accounting for 71% of all deaths. And 14 million in the age group of 30-70 die every year. WHO estimates deaths due to NCDs will rise to 55 million in 2030.  In India 5.8 mn die every year due to NCDS or 1 in 4 Indians die of it before the age of 70.

Even against all national drives to improve the sports culture of the nation by various governments, the multibillion population has not reached impressive successes in international events like Olympics, WorldnAthletics Championships or World cups, excepting for some niche events like cricket.The sports culture of the nation requires a revisit and redefinition. The various government initiatives like Fit India Mission, shall be implemented in such a way to inculcate a sports awareness from early childhood days. So is the fitness, where children of the nation are performing poorly according to the international standards.

Especially in the backdrop of Covid-19 pandemic, when children of the country were curtailed with respect to their physical activities, fitness of the nation is in a questionable state. There is also growing awareness that physical fitness will help humans to resist the pathogens better. So it is an urgent need to bring children back to the playgrounds as soon as possible.

Pallikkutam i-School of Rajagiri Media develops different projects, catering to the integral development of every child of the nation and elsewhere. The Smart and Sustainable Entrepreneurial Learning events for Families in India and Elsewhere or SELFIE Project (#TeachIndia), introduced by Pallikkutam i-School provides entrepreneurial home-based activities the families of the nation, so as to complement the school education. The #TasteIndia Project endeavors to develop an appetite for healthy, nutritious food in family and schools by making children cook food under the guidance of the star chefs of the nation. Through #TrainIndia Project, we wish to promote fitnessin the children of the nation, by providing basic skills in different national and international level games to every child of the nation. In 2021, Rajagiri Media also plans to dedicate its Pallikkutam National Award for Innovation in Education, to acknowledge the innovations and best practices to inculcate healthy food and fitness for all educational institutions in India.

In this context, the 70thRajagiri Round Table Conference will address four important issues on ensuring health and longevity of the future citizens of the country.
1.    How to inculcate a sense of physical fitness to every child of the nation at the levels of education institution and families?
2.    How could we impart the basic skills of different national and international games to every child from the early stages of their lives?
3.    How far is Fitness Protocols developed by Fit India Program under Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs fit to develop a Fitness culture in India?
4.    Need India develop fitness index for schools and colleges to make sure that India is developed into a physically fit nation?

Target Synergists:
Union Sports and Youth Affairs Minister, Fitness experts (Yoga, Aerobics, Zumba), Sportspersons, Sports Authority of India leadership, Policy makers in Sports and Health, Business related to Sports and Fitness, Heads of different Boards of Education, Leadership of Educational Institutions, Parents, National School and College Level Champions, Coaches, Sports medicine experts, etc.

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