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January 24, 2020 Friday 11:59:18 AM IST

First Tech MBA in Europe by IE Business School

Education Information

IE Business School has launched the first Tech MBA in Europe. The one-year program will begin in September 2020. The Tech MBA provides an immersive learning experience in areas of technology, management and transformational leadership for managers who want to develop their career in technology companies or for those who want to work in technological positions in other sectors. Tech MBA candidates must have STEM training – in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics – and the skills required to manage technological projects. The Tech MBA will have a Digital Female Leadership Mentorship to promote diversity and attract women with STEM background.

The Tech MBA will include content focused on three main areas: Business Management, Technology Immersion and Transformational Leadership. It will also include 3 tracks in Digital Transformation, Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence and Digital Finance. The Tech MBA will be a full-time, one year course at the IE Business School campus in Madrid and will have two annual intakes, in September and January. Tech MBA candidates must have a university degree in a STEM specialty: Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics.

The Tech MBA is divided into four periods, during which the participants will receive specialized training in different areas of technology. The first periods will take an experimental learning approach, with a practical perspective on Fintech, Insuretech and Edutech, among other areas. The third period will include specific technological tracks on digital transformation, data analysis and artificial intelligence, and digital finance. This last track will include content on Fintech, Blockchain, Robotics Process Automation, Advanced Automatic Learning and Emerging Technologies.

In the fourth period students can choose to strengthen their business skills or the tech side of their career, choosing from electives from the International MBA or the specialized Tech MBA. Students can also choose to participate in exchange programs with other schools such as Cornell University, NYU Stern School of Business or MIT, or participate in different internship programs.