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July 01, 2019 Monday 12:05:34 PM IST

Finland Gives 2.4 Mn Euros to UNESCO for Education Development

International Edu News

Finland has offered 2.4 million Euros for UNESCO's Capacity Development for Education (CapEd) and Communication Development programmes.The CapED programme provides teacher training and systemic support to 25 developing nations for educational sectors. Finland is one of the founders of UNESCO's CapEd flagship programmes and associated with it since 2003. 
UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay welcomed this new mark of support, which reinforces the Organization's recent achievements and evaluations. "I welcome Finland's commitment at our side. This new partnership confirms and amplifies a fundamental trend in many countries that are investing in long-term socially transformative projects, such as education and freedom of expression.” 
Finland also confirmed its continued commitment for the International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC) and its major contribution will enable the Programme to continue promoting free and independent media worldwide. Finland has played a crucial role in the IPDC in recent years, providing annual contributions and intellectual input, support for the external evaluation of the Programme, and cooperating in the promoting of access to information.